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[ OOC: A lot of this is head canon. Don't be hatin'. ]

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NAME: Nymphadora Esther Lupin nee Tonks.
AGE/BIRTHDAY: Twenty-three; thirty-first of October, nineteen seventy-three.
BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood. Her mother is a pureblood witch and her father is a muggleborn.
FAMILY: This is really complicated, okay? Depending on the verses, too, but for now let's be canon: Tonks is the daughter of Andromeda Tonks nee Black and Ted Tonks. That's simple, right? She's the granddaughter of Druella and Cygnus Black, making her the niece of Narcissa and Bellatrix, Andromeda's sisters, and Lucius and Rodolphus by marriage. She's first cousins with Draco and second cousins with Sirius and Regulus Black.

To be brief: Tonks is related to a large portion of the Wizarding world, be it distantly or immediate. Her mother was disowned for being impregnated and marrying Gryffindor muggleborn Ted Tonks, thus, making Tonks disowned as well. The only members of the Black family she's even close to is Alphard Black, her godfather, Sirius Black and Regulus Black (he visited her when she was very young, prior to his death. Tonks didn't know him as anything other than "Eggy" and isn't aware that they were related.)

We aren't really aware of a large amount of Tonks history, other than she spent most of her young life in hiding with her parents during the first war. A lot of this is head canon.
SIGNIFICANT OTHER: Remus Lupin (husband).
CHILDREN: Ted Remus Lupin (son).
LOYALTY/ALLIANCE: Order of the Phoenix.

ROLE IN THE WAR: Trained Auror under Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody, Tonks was the member of the Advanced Guard. In book six she was assigned to Hogwarts like the other Aurors to defend the school and the student's inside. It's unclear the extent she fought, but it is clear that she had to be in absolute athletic physique, intellilect, intuitiveness, and dedication to actually become an Auror, much like a soldier or a police officer. The role she played had to be a very dangerous one and the things she did for the Ministry had to be equally as dangerous. During the course of the seventh book, however, she had to be in hiding with her mother due to the fact she was pregnant.

POLITICAL VIEWS: Blood supremacy is a load of bullshit. Tonks was ridiculed not for her ability to change her appearance at will, but because she was a member of the Black family. If she wasn't being belittled for being a half-blood by the elite snobs, she was being ridiculed for half of her family being in Azkaban. She is biased; she feels little to no sympathy for Death Eaters most of the time and she's had to torture a few for information. It isn't something she's proud of, mind you, but in a war you aren't counted on to be kind: you're counted on to fight and make sure innocent people aren't harmed, even if the last part isn't guaranteed. Remus scolded Harry to not always rely on disarming charms in fights -- he should shoot to kill. That's what Tonks does and it's something she hates. Being a part of the Order is something she took seriously and even kept quiet to her parents prior to being sent to St. Mungos after Bellatrix wounded her badly. She'd gladly die so that democracy can resume and a person wouldn't be judged by the status, blood or financial, but by the content of their character.
WAND: 9 inches, Black Ash Twisted, swishy: essence of fairy fire.

BOGGART: Herself.

PATRONUS: Adder (Pre-HBP) ; Wolf (Post.)

LIKES: Wizarding rock, muggle rock, eclectic fashion sense, messy rooms, being a dreamer, making people laugh, fairy stories, animals, children, making Mad Eye irritated, making her mother irritated, being obnoxious to her superiors in general, etc.

DISLIKES: The Blacks, Death Eaters, elitism, conservatives, Mass being way too long for her liking, the fellyfone, Doctor Who being canceled, Romantic Comedies, being belittled, gravity, grace, her two left feet, her mother a great deal of the time (but loves her nonetheless), etc.

STRENGTHS: Transfiguration, Occlumency, Defense Against the Dark Arts, disarming spells, defense spells, dueling, the Cruciatus Curse (in means of torture to gain information. She threw up after the first time she was ordered to do it.), the killing curse (she has killed before on duty). She's also very dedicated and loyal: a true Hufflepuff to the very end. She's skilled enough -- just enough, hardly perfect at all -- in physical combat sans wands, but she finds it easier to go on autopilot with a wand than without it while doing her job.

WEAKNESSES: Her conscience, her trust, and the fact that the harsh realities of war all but disillusioned her, the same with being an Auror. She's on autopilot while doing her job or in a fight, but afterwards she lives with her actions and it kills her. She's also extremely self-conscious, low self-esteem, impulsive and incredibly clumsy. She only squeaked by Stealth and Tracking in training, she still isn't sure how. Her ability, her greatest asset, is also her greatest weakness. She uses it as a facade to hide behind when she needs it.